Matthias Schubert - ts aaaFlorian Bergmann - as, cl, bcl aaaNikolaus Neuser - tpt aaAndreas Willers - g, comp
Meinrad Kneer - b aaaaChristian Marien - dr

Current Berlin-based version of the Andreas Willers Octet performing compositions and an impressive array of solistic and collective improvisations.

,THE GOLDMAN VARIATIONS‘ out now on Jazzwerkstatt (4/2020)

Check out the mastered studio tracks here

Some live shots on Detlev Schilke‘s blog (here)


special thanks to
Jörg Huke, Tom Arthurs, Samuel Blaser, Tobias Delius,
Frank Gratkowski, Christian Lillinger, Oliver Potratz, Henrik Walsdorff, Benjamin Weidekamp
for being part of the band or helping out at various points since 2013 - quite an impressive lineup by itself!